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per month

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To have your locations updated in real-time:
  1. Login to
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  3. In your SPOT device settings, click on "Third Party GPS Forwarding"
  4. Enter the code "spotx-54326$&"
  5. Click on "Enable"
  6. This should show the "Third Party Name: KAPAK" - the company name of our European partner BikingMan. We won't check your share page, instead we will rely on real-time updates forwarded directly from Globalstar
  7. Then tick the box above
We will continue to check your Shared Page every few minutes until we can verify that data is being forwarded to us directly
Third Party Forwarding is working correctly - we are seeing locations coming through, we will no longer check your Shared Page

If you sell this device, please make it inactive first so the buyer can register it again on MAProgress
We will check your device to make sure it works OK. To test, leave your device outside under a clear sky, and turn the tracking on or send a message. We will email you in 30-40 minutes with the results.

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